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  • "I can attest to all the positive reviews here, Edythe is a lovely girl. Fun to talk to, making her laugh is amazing because her giggle is infectious. I don't really like getting into the gory details, but in that respect she's awesome, our last session got pretty intense. I'll be seeing her again soon when I have some more free time."

  • "I saw her recently and had a really good time, very satisfying and sweet GFE. For those of us who like things more GFE and sensual, she fits the bill. I will repeat."

  •  "incredibly sweet, kind and beautiful."

  • "I visited Ms. Rose recently and can say her photos are her. She is as advertised. A sweet, curvy, nerdy, bubbly woman. She giggles a lot and if you get her going she will start to snort laugh a little bit. She is very GFE style,  Rose is a very sweet young woman. Treat her nicely."

  • "We shared some cocktails and found ourselves easily sliding into a warm and intimate position on the couch while we talked about our home-cooking styles. Edythe giggles easily and lights up about her favourite topics—nerdy movies, video games, and films, and restaurant recommendations. Before too long, we were making out and I was excited by the softness of her full … lips. Edythe showed me to the shower and I got myself freshened up. When I returned, she was in sheer lingerie and beckoned me to the bedroom. I was delighted by her hourglass figure, which I had somehow managed to forget about while we were chatting. She is soft and full, just like in her pictures, and I blissfully spent time exploring her. I will not go into full detail here out of respect for Miss Rose, but our date featured all of the bases to a home-run. After we caught our breath, we spent some more time comparing tattoos and trading stories. Time was beginning to catch up to us, and I regretted not booking a longer session, which I told her. Edythe offered to extend the session, but I had to go back to earth. We kissed and chatted before I took another quick shower and got on my way."

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